A Bit Persi…

Hi Readers! I’m glad to say Jan is nearly over, it feels like it has been the longest month of my lifetime.

As some of you may already know or have read that I handed in my notice earlier this month (after the Christmas/ New Year holiday). I have been working full time since I was 16 with only a real small break (4 weeks) throughout my whole career and, I have finally made the decision to give up working for others and now work for myself. Before I get into that though, I would really like THANK all my readers, but I want to give a special thank you to those who have encouraged others to read this blog. Sounds cliché but my intentions was never to become a “Blogger”, not that there is anything wrong with that at all but; I really just wanted track my journey for other who also thought about becoming an entrepreneur but didn’t/doesn’t know where to start. For those who don’t want to become entrepreneurs and want to climb the career ladder, then this blog may not be for you from; however I would really like encourage you to continue reaching for more than you “think” you can achieve. I really didn’t want to be personal about my financial situation in this blog but I think its best, just so you guys can understand that moving up the financial ladder when working for others is easier than you think. In the space of a year I went from £23,000 to £40,000 without College or a Uni degree and that is Gospel (the truth). You should continue aiming higher, and don’t be afraid to be daring when it comes to salary. If you continue taking baby steps (£1k – £5k promotions), you’ll continue achieving small. Take giant leaps and go for what you really want and you’ll win big. (Also, I noticed the more you earn, the less you do. So go for it!)

Anyway, I can’t explain how much I want to leave right now. Even though I know I’m leaving soon, I am finding it hard to stick it out and finish my notice period. The office politics is really pissing me off more than anything to be honest… I might as well just make this blog my first and last personal blog as, Feb will be the start to my step-by-step blogs for transitioning.
So where do I start… Imagine, this woman who I work in the office with had the cheek to bad mouth me to my boss and I just so happened overhear her in the corridor. YEP that’s right, I heard the BI*** talking shit about me… So what happened was, I was about to walk in the corridor and I heard my name so I stood back and listened. My boss asked her if everything in the office was Ok and she went into one. She said and I quote:

1) “She storms in and out the office on her phone” … Bitch waaaaah. Yes, I do take personal calls outside of the office because I choose to not speak in front of others like she does, never will be they be for longer than 10 mins and neither do they happen regularly (less than the average cigarette break I see people taking). I do not “storm” in and out of my office, in actual fact my boss sits on another floor in the building so, I go upstairs 90% of the time to assist him as after all I am his f***ing PA, yes I might dial someone on my way but why would that be an issue?

2)  “She doesn’t do anything for me, she just sits there”… I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, before Xmas I literally sat down with this wrinkly bitch and asked her if she wanted me to support her with anything and she told me to “No just book meeting rooms” for her diary which I had been doing. Also, how could I just be sitting here, I receive on average about 192 emails a day (including meeting invites) and all my emails are read and dealt with.

3) “She lost her spark”…. Well, I had a fucking miscarriage a few months ago, so maybe it’s the pregnancy glow she is talking about. On a serious note though, she might be a little right with this one. The fact that I was pregnant and had plans to leave this place straight after mat leave probably has a lot to do with why I am so hell-bent on getting out of here before March. I never had any intentions on coming back after mat leave other than to complete the required 3 months of work. I always had plans to start my business whilst on the maternity break. So I couldn’t get my head around staying here past my original plan. The miscarriage made me more determined to get everything I wanted to do out the way before I am blessed with a baby again. I’ll be honest, when I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t happy. I was worried, I was worried about the fact I hadn’t achieved any of my goals I wanted to have achieved before I became a mother. I hadn’t travelled that much and always wanted those cute bikini pics, and I was scared that the pregnancy would ruin my body. I thought I was going to miss out on so much ; however I accepted what is was and was willing to work extra hard so my child could have the best life. GOD had other plans though and I ended up suffering from a missed miscarriage meaning the baby had died inside but hadn’t come out. I ended up having an aspiration (mini surgery) which was the worst pain of my life. I was confused, hurt, ashamed, embarrassed, felt guilt and discouragement. There was no reason for it, just one of those things. After I got through the 5 stages of loss, I started to see it as a blessing in disguise. I started to think, no it isn’t just one of things, that child came for a reason. It was time to wake up, is now my chance to get everything right, achieve everything and do everything I wanted to do. Travel, build and buy before I’m chosen to be someone’s mum again.So YES wrinkly bitch I lost my spark, I really don’t want to be here. So working for myself is the only option. I’ll be able to do everything I want to do, with no limits. Nethertheless, I am trying hard to stick it out because I don’t like the thought of being a quitter and I really need to learn to stick to my plans.

Anyway, more business and less personal…

When I opened by business account, I met a really cool banker who also has a family business he is involved in and he gave me some really good tips. He told me about online conferences for sales which I have ZERO experience in. I wouldn’t even know how to sell sweets to a child; however I am more determined to step out my comfort zone in order to be where I need to be. I came across this online video by a man named Victor Antonio an American Author, Business Consultant and Host. He done a reality show called “Life and Debt” and I would really recommend you listened to some of his conferences or YouTube posts. If you are willing to learn, you’ll really enjoy it. You’ll end up stumbling across more online conferences and videos and you’ll find answers to all your questions. Utilize the internet, instead of jumping straight on to snapchat, Instagram, or listening to Migos’s new album, listen to a conference or video on the way home. It’s really that simple. You don’t have to book a business course and spend months and money trying to learn the basics.

I also got myself some free financial advice. I am beginning to learn you cannot achieve success on your own meaning; you’re going to need an accountant, financial advisor, mortgage advisor, business partner and eventually an assistant. You CANNOT achieve your main goals alone. As much as we would like to think we can, we cannot. Obviously, you might need some money to get these services but nothing that is unaffordable so when you do start making some money, make sure you put those at the top of your list.

Lastly, I would like to encourage everyone reading this to get out your pen and note pad or, the notes app in your phone and start a monthly to-do-list and creating notes. I was having a conversation with my cousin a few weeks ago about how much a to-do-list has greatly impacted everything I have achieved this year so far. I was explaining to her that our mind/brain is amazing; it does so much at once. It is even controlling your eyes as you read this, making sure you are seeing and understanding every word written. So when you tell yourself you want to do something you need to write it down in a to-do-list or a notebook and believe me you’ll achieve majority it before the month is even out. It doesn’t have to even be business related; it just needs to be something you want to achieve like “repair IPhone screen”. See the thing is, when you write things down, you see it and remember it. So you’re much more likely get things done. It’s almost like a personal instruction to yourself. This then frees up space in your mind which enables you to start on whatever is next. Starting a monthly to-do-list was the best thing I could have done in 2018 so far. After speaking with her, I ended up stumbling across an article from Richard Branson who also states he would not be where he is now, if he didn’t write things down. https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/why-everyone-should-be-taking-notes

Do these few simple steps and you’ll thank me later!

That’s it for now 🙂

9-5 to Self-Employed Transition

So, it’s done… My resignation letter has been sent in and approved by the bosses and HR, so no turning back now – not that I’d even think about it. It actually went really well to be honest, much better than my last place but; I guess the Corporate World is designed to replace so they know it won’t take much to find another PA… Saying that though, I can kinda see why, some people put their job/s before their life. I guess they are really fearful ones, fearful of being replaced and think they won’t know how they’ll pay their bills or they could just really like the place, but your guess is as good as mine.
I mean, haven’t met an entrepreneur, contractor or self-employed person who regrets working for themselves so that must mean something right? Anyway what would we do without “employees” who would we boss around if there wasn’t any lol… I’m just playing [Please don’t take offense]. So now that’s done what’s next?

I attended my very first networking event last night after I handed in my notice and, whilst I was on my way I couldn’t have been more determined to step out of my comfort zone and be the person I want to be. I’ll explain what I mean by that later in this blog but for now i”ll share a little on my experience of a networking event and what I learned from others. Now even though yesterday was my first event, I feel confident enough to attend more in the future and possibly even become a speaker, all because I done something I probably would never have done if I wasn’t this serious about making a success out of myself.

I found this event on https://www.eventbrite.com/ which I think I mentioned in one of the last blogs but tbh I really can’t remember so forgive me if I didn’t. Anyway when searching for events this one stood out to me because of the title and area it was being held. It also mentioned something about being quite informal and was being held in a local but posh bar, so automatically I thought great! I’ll meet a bunch of people who would be of some great business in the future plus I’ll be able to drink HA!
Majority of people there were individuals looking for the same thing as me, which were simply contacts, business cards and basically “new friends”.  So going back, what I meant by stepping out of my comfort zone is me attending this event alone. If you know me, you know I never go anywhere alone. The thought of me being somewhere with a bunch of new people I had never met and I knowing I HAD to speak to them scared me; however… I really shocked myself with how confident of a speaker I was. Gearing myself up and thinking of the person “I want to be” really helped the situation. All I could think before I walked through the doors is Chan “if you fail here, you’ll crumble in the business world”. So I took a deep breath, walked in and went straight to the bar LOL!
No really, that’s exactly what I done. To be fair though, I had to analyse the environment as I knew not everyone in there was attending the event and I really didn’t want to butt into someone’s private conversation. Moving on… I bought a LARGE glass of Sauvignon Blanc and walked over to group of people at the back. Shook a few hands, introduced myself and started questioning people. I asked questions like “what is it you do” or “so what brings you here” after that, it was too easy. After they answered my first questions I asked more, and more, the aim was to really get to know the person. I also shared some my personal experiences which they could relate to and conversation just kept flowing. I walked over to others whilst they were having conversation and joined them in their discussions (without having to sip or gulp my drink). Maybe I’m a natural, maybe I’m not. All I know is I ain’t going back to permanent work and the only interview I’m attending is when I’m hiring staff so on that note, let’s get cracking!

I got to share why I was there and told everyone I spoke to about the business I am currently working. Interestingly, someone bought to my attention that my business has and I quote a “Brilliant” USP (unique selling point). Now, I know those of you with tons of ideas have always been asked what is your USP and if you’re anything like how I was before now, you would get stuck on answering that question. Some people are great when it comes of thinking of ideas with USPs; however I was not one of those people. I always used to say something like “the way I’m going to market it” or “the design of it is different”; but this time it has been completely different when answering talking about my idea. I actually thought of this USP without acknowledging it’s even a USP. I will eventually tell you guys what it is but please allow me to make it successful first, then I’ll tell you. Anyway… how I got to find this USP was all from something I had actually experienced. What I’m trying to get to, is there is a story behind what I am doing, there is some real meaning to it and I actually really-really care about it and I am certain this will reflect in the company. So when you are deciding on executing your business plans, please make sure you have a USP but don’t make it something complicated, make it something easy and simple but something everyone who uses your business service will benefit from.

When I left 2 glasses of wine later, I felt something different. I felt overwhelmed by the responses I got from almost everyone in that event. I felt that this is going to be something so good that could possibly change the way things could be in the future for pretty much everyone. I mean, yes that may be wishful thinking but why not. I never imagined I’d be leaving that event with a different but positive view on my company. So I most defiantly took nothing but good things away last night. Okay I didn’t leave with confirmed business but I did leave with something I personally think is better because now I can use my USP as my drive for the business.

I could be wrong, but maybe had I not made the decision to leave my comfortable, good salary job and putting myself in an uncomfortable situation where I have no choice but make it work. I would probably never really know how confident and capable I am of making a successful business. Although I still have a very long way to go before I can say that I am successful, the beginning is feeling nothing but great. I’m not fearful or afraid what many people say like “it’s hard owning your own business” or “many businesses fail”. I refuse to even let it scare me. I am confident and ready. I am not afraid of slow business, in actual fact I expect nothing more so, if we do end up getting lots of business in the first 12 months it’s a bonus. I am being really patient and realistic.

So, the person I want to be is a successful, humble business woman that can afford to home school my children, take flights wherever whenever, help others, start a charity, see the world differently. I want to be the person who gets to an old age that can talk about what life really is about, not what THEY tell you it should be.

So, back to the business itself… I have done all the necessary before leaving my day job like a website, business cards and leaflets but you already know about those things so I won’t go in to details; however in the next few blogs I will tell you about the other marketing techniques and ideas I am going to use to gain business, again before I leave my day job. I’ll let you know what works and what didn’t after all this is an experience we will all learn from. Everything I now do, you can try too and maybe you’ll do it even better than me.

Stay tuned!!

2018 – The Journey Has Begun…


Please accept my apologies for the very – very late post. I was contemplating whether I should have posted last week or just wait until the New Year, and I’m glad I’ve waited. The reason being is that I have done a lot more over the past 2 weeks which I can talk about, and not only that but I am literally a few days away of letting the bosses know I am leaving, so things are really getting serious.

Anyway… I have managed to save more than expected, meaning I didn’t spend any money on gifts or food for Christmas, which was really weird for me as every other year I have been the big spender; however it honestly felt and still feels so good to know I haven’t wasted any money, and still have 4 figures in my account… RESULT!
I even have a little laugh with some family members who spent pretty much their pay cheque on gifts and now have to find money to get by until their next wage deposit and I am here all smiles knowing I am all good. Remembering I still can’t spend even if I wanted to lol.

So how’s life been without spending? To be honest it’s not bad. I took out a little bit of money so I am not sponging off others when I am hungry or thirsty but nothing compared to what I usually would have spent. I haven’t bought any new clothes (not even for NYE) and yes, I still went out and got drunk without spending a penny. I guess if you’re a “raver” and want to follow this journey, you either have to be female (we always drink for free) or have some rich friends who are gonna support your alcohol habits HEHE…. For those who supported my alcohol habit – i’ll pay you back soon LOL

Lets get to the point
I had a serious conversation with those closest to me explaining how passionate I am about NOT going back to working for others and from that conversation, I have managed to find a serious business partner and we are currently working on OUR first business venture. I highlighted “OUR” because I already have a very small business I do on the side which is in the beauty industry. Just to clarify – I am not a Beauty Therapist but I thought that making some extra cash on the side would be helpful as I am not 100% sure on how long it will take before me and my Business Partner start seeing the profits. I would also recommend you do the same; find a service that is easy to start and just make it happen. It always starts off slow; however it will pick up and one thing I have personally learnt is selling a service is much easier than selling a product.
I must say though, this “side hustle” is making all the difference to my income so it makes saving a lot easier. The good news is I have been getting calls from new clients on a weekly basis so defo seeing some good cash in hand. I currently promote this business on YELL, Facebook, Instagram and Gumtree. Should I be successful with the other business, I can invest more into my “Side Hustle” and who knows… I might be the owner of that new beauty salon you’ll walk past in the future ;).

The Steps I Have Taken For My New Business Venture…
I have now created a new website on WIX which is a really easy to use website designer. Not only is it easy to set up, but it is also pretty cheap to run. So, if you’re looking to make a website I would recommend you start with those guys.

Secondly, I have signed up to some networking events which I will go to throughout the months of Jan and Feb. I did a lot of research on ways of promoting your business and from what I have gathered, networking is probably the most effective. Listings and Ads do work yes, but can get very expensive with all the competition there is these days in pretty much every industry. Attending networking events with other like mined business people are the best way for you meet the right people, explain why your business is better than your competition, and it also gives you the opportunity to show how nice you and give them a reason to recommend you to others. WORD OF MOUTH baby, WORD…OF…MOUTH.

I opened a new bank account with my Business Partner; this is a joint current account with a bank we didn’t bank with. As we don’t want to be spending any unnecessary money and business accounts are kinder costly, a current account was the best option in this case. Also, I was told you should never keep all your money in one place hence why we don’t just use one of the accounts we already had… Anyway, we use this account for our business savings and to pay for any expenses such as website, registration, trademark, events and advertisement. We will also use this account to pay for equipment and staffing. I personally feel the joint account was a good idea as it is a commitment we both had to make. It also makes life so much easier as there is more money to work with in a shorter space of time.

So my advice is if you can partner up with someone you trust to help you execute your business ideas, make sure you do. It makes lifer easier as you’ll have more money to work with, you’ll have more ideas to share and you can motivate each other to keep pushing.

I have also signed up to a temping agency, just as a backup for when I quit. I mean, I have to be realistic. I know I don’t want to work for another company again; however if there are days or weeks I know are going to be quiet, I have the option to make some extra money. I can then use the years of experience I have instead of throwing it away and killing myself trying to make a profit. The aim is to never have to go back to working permanently for a company again, so if I do some temp work here and there I don’t mind too much, and yes I’ll still role my eyes at the call but 1) I’ll have the option to say no I am busy and 2) it’s not a full time commitment so it really isn’t that bad and besides, it isn’t forever (literally a week at most).

I am also looking at this PA temping stuff as another good way to meet new people and network the shit out of my own business. So really should be a win-win situation.

My next steps now are to keep acting broke and saving as much as possible. I am looking forward to attending the networking events I signed up to which I found on http://www.eventbrite.co.uk and I recommend you attend those too but, please make sure it is relevant to your business otherwise you are literally wasting your time. I’ll also be handing in my notice when I return to work from my Xmas Holiday (next week).


Stay posted as it’s only 12 weeks to go!





My opinion on Savings vs. Desire

Ever since a child I have been told to save, my mother always told me “save for a rainy day”. My father told me to “save up for the things you want to buy”. Guess what, I don’t save. I have previously tried to save money, but because I am so accustomed to living my life by the day I always find an excuse to dip into my savings; why? because I know I am going to get paid in a few weeks so in my mind, I’ll put the money back but… I never do. By the time the next month arrives, there is always something new I want to do or buy.

I have managed to drive expensive cars, such as BMWs and Audi’s thanks to the good old, finance and leasing systems they have in place nowadays. I always wanted to buy a house, but it seems so unachievable now due to the rise in the property market, so what’s the point? Even if I do manage to save £30,000 which would probably take another 10-15 years, I am still not guaranteed to even be able buy a property worth the time it took to save the poxy £30k deposit.

I have always been in situations where money is the only way out; however, I have always managed to get through those problems without having to have saved. Yes, I may have had to ask for help from others on one or two occasions, but that’s not always the case. I believe if you have life, you’ll find a way to get by. So my opinion on “saving for a rainy day” is just not a good reason to save money.

However if you are saving for a particular pair of shoes, bag, holiday or car (material things) then I think you should keep going. Keep saving for those things you desire to have, because you know exactly what you’re going to spend that money on. Meaning when you’re running low on funds you will not touch your “desire money” because your vision is clear.

You’re now probably thinking, so why not just save for savings sake and use it whenever you feel necessary. Well for me, I cannot do that and I know plenty of other people who also cannot do that. There isn’t many people who can save for savings sake and not touch it whenever they feel they are running low, unless they have a clear vision on what the money they are saving is going towards.

Saving is good, and I clap my hands to those who earn an average wage, live how they want and still manage to save without ever ever dipping into their savings. Well done to you guys, a little tip I have learnt though, you actually receive more interest if you save in your current account rather than an ISA or savings account. Not many “average” paid people can stick to this type of savings arrangement though, hence why you probably didn’t know that.

To  those who can’t save for savings sake, don’t beat yourself up. Soon you’ll find a way to beat the struggle. Hopefully, in a few months you can take some tips from the steps I am about to make, so we can save regularly without any struggle or sacrifice what-so-ever.

So.. how am I going to start a business with no savings. Well, here’s the plan. As I know that I am going to be without a job in April I am saving every little penny I receive, meaning I am handing my debit card over to my partner and living like a real broke chic, from 20th December 17 – 30th March 18. This means, I will have around £10k… just like that. Ha-Ha, sounds mad doesn’t it. Someone who hasn’t saved much in life, is going to have £10k for living broke for a few months. Sounds so easy but I have a feeling isn’t going to be nice…

Why do I think it’s achievable? Well I have no choice as I know I really don’t want to continue working for anyone, I am more than determined to do this properly. My fear is having to go back to working 3 months later. Now I have a clear vision on where this “desire money” is going I know there is no option of touching this money. I am removing my mobile banking app, getting rid of my credit card and handing my card over. Yes this is a really extreme way; however I am lucky to have people around supporting my decision.

To keep me positive throughout this drastic step, I will keep in mind that 4 months of being broke and possibly miserable is better than waking up at the crack of dawn to report to someone for a monthly wage which I will struggle to save for the rest of my life.










Wage Slave

Wow it’s not just me…

So after I posted my first blog yesterday and realizing I have just put part of my life out in the big wide web, I had decided to do some more research on entrepreneurship vs. working for a boss.

I stumbled across an article based on a man named Charles Bukowski a German-American Poet born in 1920. Charles was influenced by social, cultural and economics. In the article I learnt Charles had published an open letter in 1986 on the subject of “Wage Slaves”. In his open letter he mentions he had been a worker (wage slave) for many years, jumping from job to job for a small % of promotions. Bukowski noticed that many people were too scared to start business of their own and was comfortable working for someone because it was safe and they were always guaranteed their wage at the end of the month, especially during the economic crisis they were experiencing. Sounds so much like today right?

I found a few quotes from Bukowski that really touched me, as they have always been things I had believed however have been too afraid to face. “Slavery was never abolished; it was only extended to include all colors” – Bukowski “They never pay slaves enough so they can get free, just enough so they can stay alive and come back to work”- Bukowski

Both of the above quotes are something I have always believed, however I had not been in environments before to realise that the salaries majority of people are on, are nothing but peanuts to how much money they could really make alone.

This blog is in no way, slagging people earning the average wage; however this blog is to open the eyes of those who want to see the bigger picture and make them understand there really is no limit to your financial and daily freedom.

I see all my work experiences as blessings in disguise. During my time has a PA I have been exposed to how much the bigger bosses are taking home, and really a monthly take home is some peoples yearly wage x2. That’s the gospel truth. With me being exposed to this information, it’s only right that I challenge myself, and turn my ambitious ideas into a reality. I will no longer be afraid of “starting a business is hard”, or the “90% of businesses fail”.

Why shouldn’t I believe it? Well because you usually hear that from people who are currently working under someone and, they are trying to sell you a service or from the normal wage slave who is afraid of risk. Put it this way, if you have worked for a long time, you have helped keep someone’s business afloat. So try using those skills and experiences on your own idea.

Why I am quitting my 9-5 at 25 years of age


For the last few months I have actually been through so much drama, which I will most likely go into detail at a later date but for now I’ll keep it simple…

Today is about how and why I have actually started this blog and journey.

I’ve recently been finding it so hard to get out of bed, with absolutely no motivation what-so-ever to get to work on time. The thought of having to get out of bed to take an hour journey into the city on the Tube or DLR and look at nothing but miserable faces or, people with their heads in their phones damaging their necks like a bunch penguins…nice. So I curl up for an extra 5 minutes, thinking of excuses as to why I’ll be late, or better yet – just not come in. Then the thought of getting in to work and having to spend 8 hours of my day, 8 WHOLE HOURS slaving around, doing what people tell me to do for a monthly wage is killing me.

Hmmm the monthly wage, let’s talk about that. How sweet and nice to look into my account every month to see I have been paid. Yep, I have finally been paid after working 8 hours a day and being broke for about 2 weeks before with just enough money to pay for lunch and travel…  On the mornings of payday I wake up and log into my online bank app and shout “Yippee! Time to treat myself” I end up buying a few party outfits and some wide leg trousers. I do my hair, nails and feet and make sure my travel card has been topped up. Then me, like an idiot…broke again for at least 2 weeks before I can jump for joy because of payday. I mean, there are 365 days in a year and I only see money deposited into my account just 12 times a year. I mean for f%£k sake. Is this really LIFE?? Something tells me there is certainly more to life.

So yesterday after the buildup of business thoughts and ways I can really make the dream work, and really imagining the idea of not having to wake up and think of the best excuse as to why I’ll be late, I decided that I am going to quit. That’s right; I am going to quit my job. The job that pays me an alright wage and keeps me going for like 2 weeks. Funny isn’t it

I’ll be very honest with you, as that is the aim of this entire blog honesty. I haven’t quit my job just yet, in fact I have only told one trustworthy colleague of mine, the plan; however I have decided I will tell my boss that I am no longer going to be his Sla… cough I mean PA once we are all back from the Christmas holiday.

I can confirm that I have typed my resignation letter though, with an end date of 30/03/2018. Yes, I know it seems far away but, it is realistic & enough time for me to save my entire wages, create a good plan and start the business for April 2018.

So here it is. Here is the beginning to the end of my long career and the start to my very long waited journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I will update this blog as often as possible with steps I have been taking in order to prepare myself for the big change, how I have been coping with debt I have, how I’ll be living on the tightest budget of all time, how I am coping mentally (good or bad), and how the business is going.

The aim of this blog is to prove whether or not giving up the 9-5 is the best risk in life one person can make.